Angela’s home is in Ridgway, Colorado, but she travels to the farthest reaches of the world more than two thirds of every year for work and play. 



For 30 years she has guided full-time, staying true to her passion of being in the mountains and sharing it with others.  She hasn’t wasted a day.  Angela is one of less than 100 IFMGA Mountain Guides, licensed to guide internationally, that have completed rigorous training and certification through the American Mountain Guides Association.  Only eight are women and Angela was the sixth.  In 2011, she was awarded “Guide of the Year” by the AMGA.


Rock, alpine and ski guiding keep her busy but she loves winter the most because it keeps her home.  She’s guided ski mountaineering trips to Antarctica, completed a ski traverse across Lapland and guided all-women’s ascents of Ama Dablam and Mt. Elbrus.  Over the years she’s guided or led well over 20 high altitude expeditions to the Himalaya, Karakorum, Andes, Alps and Alaska Range. 


She turned back from the summit of Mt. Everest 275 feet shy because of high winds, but has since guided 4 of the other 7 Summits, with only Vinson and Kilimanjaro to go.


Friday, February 6

7:00 PM at the Ouray Community Center


$10 admission

Beer provided by the Ouray Ice Park

Most of her endeavors have included service projects, fundraising or doing good things for others.


Angela has always loved climbing with women.  She has been a Chicks Climbing guide for well over a decade, worked Women that Rock and Chicks on Crack and is usually at the crag with women when given the choice.  She’s a minority in her male dominated profession but makes an effort to mentor and encourage other women to pursue guiding.


She loves throwing bombs out of helicopters, dark beer, taking a polar plunge in Antarctica, dancing with her partner, spring skiing with her Jack Russell and making tight connections in airports.  Who knows what her slideshow will be about, but Angela’s excited to share her stories with us this year.


Ouray Ice Park & hosted by Dawn Glanc

FEB 6-8